Questions we get asked often! Thought we would answer some for you!

Since we have a unique product we get asked a few questions all the time! So we thought we would answer them for you! Do you have any other questions for us?!? Let us know! We will answer them!

Does it have antioxidants in it? YES, We actually lose 10% of the total antioxidants through the fermentation process, but the majority of them are still there.

What does it taste like (100% Pomegranate Table Wine): Tastes EXACTLY like pomegranate.  If you’re familiar with pomegranate you’ll notice it is very characteristic of the juice, slightly acidic.    

Is it Sweet? It is NOT sweet! I understand most non-grape wines are categorized as FRUIT wines AND most fruit wines are dessert wines.  Most dessert wines are between 10-12% residual sugar (RS) whereas our wine is 3% residual sugar.  Significantly less than other dessert wines.  Light and refreshing!   

Why did you pick to make a pomegranate wine?
We recognized an opportunity for fruit wine in the marketplace.  We thought, since our family farms pomegranates, we’d make pomegranate wine. The grape wine industry is highly competitive and well rooted, therefore we needed to produce a product that would grab attention and be different.  Pomegranate wine fit that that criteria.   

What would you pair the wine with?
Pomegranate juice is nearly all composed of citric acid; therefore the wine has an acidic and tart flavor and mouth-feel to it.  Pairing the wine with soft cheese is an excellent choice.  Oil rich fish, fatty beef and pork ribs easily pair with our wines.  The slightly acidic character of the wine will cleanse the palate for another fresh and flavorful bite each time.   

You use the wonderful varietals, would using a different pomegranate variety change the taste of the wine? Like the difference between having a Syrah Grape and a Chardonnay Grape?
Yes, a different variety will change the flavor and color of the wine.  BUT, at the moment, the wonderful variety is the sweetest and has the most pomegranate character of all the varieties.

Post any questions you have to our Facebook Page and we will answer them in next weeks blog post! 
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