NEW pomegranate wine {TOP SECRET}

The last few weeks have been INCREDIBLEY stressful, but super exciting at the same time, for Twin Pomegranates Wine!

Last Monday, a few minor adjustments were made to the new pomegranate wine we call ‘Sweetie.’  From the tank, she tastes fruity, refreshing and 100% pomegranate.

On Tuesday, I transported the wine from Madera to San Miguel (near Paso Robles, CA) where it will rest for a couple weeks, until bottling.  At the moment she’s being chilled to a frigid 35 degrees Fahrenheit… BURRRRR!

On Wednesday, I successfully navigated his 18 wheeler through the seemingly impossible streets of Oakland, actually Emeryville, to pick up Sweetie’s freshly screen-printed wine bottles.  Big trucks and long trailers aren’t made for tight city streets.  YES, I even jumped a few curbs and brushed a few tree limbs… for the record, no one was injured!  BUT, the icing on the cake was the drive home.  An hour and a half from being home, I had what truckers call a ‘blow-out’ because when a tire explodes, It BLOWS UP everything around it! The explosion tore off the mud flap, completely mangles the mud flab hanger and splintered the wood floor.  Luckily, I  was able to baby the trailer and bottles home… SPEW!

All in all, last week was a fantastic week… and we’re inching ourselves, daily, to get closer to bottling ‘Sweetie’!


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