How do I store Twin Pomegranates wine? Great question… Here’s the answer!

First, keep the wine cool!  55 degrees Fahrenheit is best, 65 is ok and 75 is doable.  Anything higher and your playing with fire.  Also, dramatic temperature fluctuations will negatively impact the quality of the wine, by giving it a flabby flavor, weak aroma and a character that lacks depth or complexity.


Second, Keep it away from direct sunlight!  Sunlight will prematurely age the wine.  In most red wines, aging isn’t a bad thing, but organic aging is what we’re after.  Most dark bottles have a built-in UV protection filter, but since our wines are in a clear (what the industry calls ‘flint’) bottle… keeping them out of direct sunlight will keep your wine tasting young and fruity.


Third, Keep the wine still!  Say what?  I know, it’s a weird rule, but constant agitation will not allow the natural sediment to rest on the bottom of the bottle.  What sediment?  As wine ages, or in this case, rests for long periods of time, the wine performs many chemical reactions.  One reaction is the polymerization of proteins and tannins.  This is a natural reaction and completely harmless won’t negatively affect the wine.  It may not, aesthetically, look the best, but don’t fret… It’s nothing to worry about.


Fourth, Keep the wine in an humid environment and on its side!  So the corks DO NOT dry out, 65-75% humidity is the best to store wine.  If the corks dry out, the seal breaks, allowing air into the bottle, causing rapid oxidation… which eventually ruins the bottle of wine.  BUT, the good news is, most our pomegranate wine have screw-caps, except our pomegranate sparkling wine.   SO, humidity is not a problem.


What are my storing options if I don’t have a wine cave?  Wine refrigerators are great, but can be pricy.  If many of you are like me, closets and cabinets work best.  Horizontal wine racks are very affordable and can be placed in a closet or cabinet. When all else fails, put that bottle in the fridge for an hour, then enjoy that evening. That’s how I normally do it anyway! LOL



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