Fall Wine Cornucopia

The Fall Wine Cornucopia is this Saturday at Chukchansi Park, where the Fresno Grizzlies play!

Hundreds of guests are expected to attend this year, and for good reason. This event showcases what the Central Valley has to offer. Great wines, delicious food and produce, and fantastic local artists! We will be featuring our new pomegranate wine Trail Blazer!

This year there will be a grape tasting, so that you can taste the grapes before they become wine as well as a grape stomp!

It starts at 2p.m. and goes until 6p.m. Tickets are $35 in advance and $40 at the door. Tickets for designated drivers are only $15.

If you love the Central Valley then you will love this event. See you Saturday!

Fall Wine Cornucopia, Central Valley, California Wine, Pomegranate Wine

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Be ready to spend more money on your favorite European wines

Grape Leaves, Wine, Harvest, Grape Crop, Grape Harvest

Oh, great. Just what wine-lovers needed: higher and more expensive prices to purchase their favorite bottles after those long days or for fun and fancy nights.

Apparently, this year’s grape harvest throughout Europe was hit so hard by the weather that it is the worst and weakest crop in half a century, said expert from European Union famers’ union Thierry Coste.

A combination of drought, frost and hail were the main factors to the meager and damaged grape crop this year.

According to the Associated Press article by Raf Casert, the grape harvest in Europe reports a 62 percent in worldwide wine-making.

The top two wine-making countries saw a decent decline in their grape harvest. France saw a 20 percent decrease in their crops, while Italy saw a 7 percent fall.

Of course, we all know that Europe is the number one wine maker, so you do the math. Looks like we will be emptying more of our pockets and wallets!

Then again, good thing we make pomegranate wine!

Source: http://www.boston.com/news/world/europe/2012/10/17/wine-experts-worst-grape-harvest-half-century/d4eXNyOrUZtW6bTEgOl0aP/story.html


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P.O.R. Chicken

We have a use for your left-over wine! (Is there such a thing as left over wine?) Either way, the holidays are on their way, and cooking for friends and family is on the horizon. If you are looking for something new and tasty (and easy for that matter) look no further!

Pomegranate Orange and Rosemary Chicken (P.O.R. Chicken for short)

  • Pomegranate, Orange, Rosemary Chicken
  •  Ingredients:
  • * Twin Pomegranates™ Wine
  • * Orange Juice
  • * Rosemary (dried)
  • * 3 Boneless, Skinless, Chicken Breasts
  • * Cous Cous (whole wheat recommended)


  • Directions:
  • 1) Start cooking  the 3 Chicken Breasts on stove in olive oil
  • 2) Combine ¾ cup Twin  Pomegranates Wine and ¾ Orange Juice
  • 3) Once the  Chicken is partially cooked add the Twin Pomegranates Wine and Orange Juice.  Cook till boil—with lid on
  • 4) Once the  sauce is boiling remove the lid, turn down the heat and sprinkle the chicken  with rosemary. Cook for 10 min.
  • 5) Remove the  Chicken once fully cooked. (Keep Warm)
  • 6) Continue  reducing the sauce on med-low for 15 min.
  • 7) While the  sauce is reducing cook your cous cous. (Recommend at least 1 cup of cous  cous).
  • 8)Place chicken  on top of cous cous top chicken with reduction sauce and serve!

How easy is that? Just add a side salad, and BAM dinner is served.

Bon  Appetite!

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Thanks for supporting the 3rd Annual Paws and Pomegranates!

3rd Annual Paws and Pomegranates, Valley Animal Shelter, Pomegranate Wine

3rd Annual Paws and Pomegranates event! Aren’t the glasses cute?

Last Saturday, the 3rd Annual Paws and Pomegranates event was a great hit! Keep an eye out to see pictures from the day on our Facebook page!

We want to thank all of our sponsors of Paws and Pomegranates for helping out and supporting the event, thanks guys! We really appreciate it.

Also, we want to send a big thank you out to our vendors that were at the occasion showcasing their amazing products! Without you guys, Paws and Pomegranates wouldn’t be the same. Thank you to Bling It On ApparelCasa de TamalesLiquid NitroPawsibilities On OliveYou Sweet Thing JellyBanfield Pet HospitalCabot Creamery CooperativePetrucci’sHollywood on OliveShaad Family AlmondsKaren AdlerScentsy CandleCookie Lee Jewelry and Jerkin for Livin!

Last but not least, we want to thank you for all you lovers of pomegranate wine for coming out on Saturday and supporting the Valley Animal Center. We hope you had a great time playing with furry friends, drinking pomegranate wine and enjoying the vendors and auctions!

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Fall is upon us!

The leaves are changing, mornings are brisk and the time to try different wines is here!

For us, Fall is the kick off to our event season. We started last weekend with the 3rd Annual Paws and Pomegranates event which supported the Valley Animal Center. We had beautiful weather a great crowd of people, and lots of cute puppies!

This Saturday is the Old Town Clovis Fall Wine Walk. This year they will have over 20 wineries pouring! That’s a lot of wine to choose from!

October 27 is the Fall Wine Cornucopia at Chukchansi Park. This year they will have “grape tasting” so that you’ll know what the wine tastes like before it’s wine!

After that, one of our favorite events is coming up. Novemeber 3rd the Pomegranate Festival will be held at Madera Airport. It’s a great time for the whole family, with all things pomegranate!

So if you have been dying to try our pomegranate wine, there are some awesome events coming up, that showcase what our wonderful Valley has to offer as well!


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Adopting a Pet at Paws and Pomegranates?

Valley Animal Center, Adoption, Paws and Pomegranates

Look at me, I am so cute. Adopt me!

With the 3rd Annual Paws and Pomegranates Event just two days away, why not add in some pet friendly tips for soon-to-be owners that will take home a furry friend on Saturday, October 6th? Here are some random but important tips for owning a cat or dog:

Is your dog teething? Instead of letting him chew on all your nice furniture, get a few washcloths, douse them in water, and put them in the fridge until they are frozen. Give the frozen washcloth to the dog to chew, and have the next one ready. Cold temperature helps numb the dog’s upset gums!

Or, if you have a teething puppy, mix some broth with water, pour it into ice trays, freeze it and ta-da! You have a tasty treat that will help your teething puppy.

While many people believe cats should be outdoors, cats should also be indoors at times due to safety issues and times of overly hot and cold weather. To make your house a more cat friendly environment, you can: get a cat tree (cats feel more comfortable when they can watch people from higher above), buy toys, catnip, and a litter box (make sure to train them)!

Also, make sure your cat or dog has a personal identification such as tag or microchip, just in case it gets lost while venturing outside.

But above all, care, attention and love are the most important for your pet, so make sure you show it!

Ever wondered of adopting a pet? Valley Animal Center has a simple, low-cost adoption process. Check it out here: https://valleyanimal.org/adopt/

*Sources: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/tips.htm


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3rd Annual Paws and Pomegranates!

pomegranate wine, low cost spay and neuter, non profit, california wine, Twin Pomegranates, Valley Animal Center

What could be better than cute little animals up for adoption and pomegranate wine…? We couldn’t think of anything either.

This Saturday at Engelmann Cellars come join us to support the Valley Animal Center at our 3rd Annual Paws and Pomegranates Event from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

We will have the band Deja Blues there to groove the day away, a great vendor fair, and a huge silent auction. It includes tickets to a Doger’s game, Disneyland tickets, and a ton of other great things!

Vendors like Casa de Tamales, Schaad Family Almonds, You Sweet Thing Jelly, Petrucci’s BBQ Pit, Bling it On Apparel, Banfield Pet Hospital, Hollywood on Olive, Liquid Nitro Energy Drinks, Bari Olive Oil Company, Scentsy Candles and more will be there!

And did we mention the pomegranate launch? Oh ya, bring on the competitions!

Get your tickets early for $20 at Valley Animal Center’s webpage or on our Twin Pomegranates webpage. Otherwise it’s only $25 at the door.

See you this Saturday to support a great non-profit organization!

Click Pomegranate Launch below to see a sneak peak of the most awesome thing ever!

Pomegranate Launch


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California’s Restaurant Chains are Looking Up

Yay! Hopes are looking up for several restaurant chains located in California, according to an article from the online website, Nation’s Restaurant News.

Not only does this help the restaurant chains themselves, but it also gives a boost in the food and beverage industry and the employment rate in California.

According to Wall Street Analyst Piper Jaffray, restaurants that are benefiting the most from this boost in sales are Starbucks, The Cheesecake Factory, BJ’s Restaurants and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

In addition, Yard House, Carl’s Jr., and Jack in the Box Inc. also have increased their same-store sales.

Out of all these restaurants, Chipotle Mexican Grill pulled in with the strongest increase at a boost of 8 percent in same-store sales.

Let’s hope to see a continued improvement in our Californian economy!

*Source: http://www.wineindustryinsight.com/ex_nf.php?url=http://nrn.com/article/report-restaurant-chains-benefit-improving-california-economy

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The Adventures of Trail Blazer: Through the Bottling Line

Chapter 1

It started as a cool sunny morning. It was a day full of expectation. It was the day Trail Blazer was to be bottled.

From dark stuffy boxes, brand new shining bottles were pulled and lined up on an immaculate conveyor belt to begin the process.

pomegranate wine, Trail Blazer, red wine, dessert wine, california, madera wine, madera wine trail

“Nick overseeing the bottle line-up”



Chapter 2

The whole bottling system was contained in a large white trailer, that later a semi truck would pull away. It was the definition of mobile efficiency.

pomegranate wine, california, madera wine, madera wine trail, red wine, dessert wine

“Trail Blazer being bottled”

As the generators roared to life, the empty bottles began progressing through carousels of systems that filled them with delicious pomegranate wine. Then they were sent through the capping line, where each individual screw cap was placed by able hands of wine lovers.

“The loose caps”


Chapter 3

Next it was on to the last leg of the journey, punching down the screw caps. It took perfect presicion and pressure from the machine. Luckily there were no mishaps.

From there it was smooth sailing as the freshly bottled Trail Blazer came whirling down the line. It would be boxed again, but only to await its’ next adventure; The Introduction at Paws and Pomegranates

pomegranate wine, red wine, dessert wine, Trail Blazer, california wine, madera wine, madera wine trail

“Trail Blazer!”


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Pomegranates: A Really, Long History

Pomegranates, Pomegranate Wine

It may have never crossed most people’s minds, but how much history and culture does a single fruit, like the infamous pomegranate, hold? A lot, actually.

In fact, there isn’t just one type of pomegranate. There are over 760 different types of pomegranates out there. That’s a lot of seeds to sample.

Not to mention the fact that the oldest discovered remnant of a pomegranate is dated all the way back from 1000 B.C. in Transcaucasia, or what we know today as the area around Iran. That’s one old piece of fruit!

And believe it or not, pomegranates have also played a part in cultural history, including ancient times and modern day. Here are some snazzy facts:

Scholars today believe that the apple from the biblical story of Adam and Eve was really a juicy, red pomegranate. Say WHAT?

Pomegranates even debuted in the majestic Greek mythology and rituals. Did you know that it’s an old Greek tradition to smash pomegranates on the ground at celebrations like weddings and on New Years?

And according to Jewish legend, there are 613 seeds in each pomegranate, the same number as the 613 commandments in the Jewish Bible. Start counting your seeds in your each of your pomegranates!

And then we have our culture today, where we nicknamed this unique fruit the “Jewel of Winter”, fermented the juice and called it…  pomegranate wine.

Who knows what the ancient humans would have done if they knew they could have turned pomegranates into a succulent indulgent concoction!

*Source: http://www.healthdiaries.com/eatthis/22-facts-about-pomegranates.html

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