Featured Fan of the Month: July

We have another Fabulous Fan to tell you about!! Kimberley Fisher! She was an easy pick! She is always giving feedback, leaving comments, interacting with us across all our social media outlets, AND she comes to most events plus volunteered last year for our Annual Event with the Valley Animal Center! SHE ROCKS!

We asked Kimberley a few things :




Picture of Twin Pomegranates Wine Facebook Fan of the Month

Kimberley Fisher our Facebook Fan of the Month



Why are you a fan of Twin Pomegranates Wine? I love the idea of it, the uniqueness, and the fact that it’s made by Maderans in Madera.  The twins and their cohorts being so friendly and personable doesn’t hurt!

What do you like most about the wine? That it is refreshing and flavorful…and did I say unique?  Oh, and that it’s both a tasty and affordable luxury.

Where do you drink your wine? Where don’t I drink my wine? Seriously, mostly at home, I’m not a party animal, I’m a homebody. But when I do go to family parties, I take my stash of Twin Poms wine along with me.  And if you’re really nice to me, I’ll share!

Which wine is your favorite? It depends on what I’m using it for. I use the original mostly for cooking. It adds an extra oomph to my cooked in wine dishes and my glazes. For the last family party, I made beef and chicken pastries with the meats cooked in the original Twin Pomegranates Wine…very tasty! If I’m celebrating, I’ve got to have the Sparkling Wine for that extra “pop”. For day to day, I’m really enjoying the Pomegranate/White Wine blend.

Favorite place to bring our wine? On vacation. We drive to a lot of our vacation destinations (Vegas, Disneyland, etc.), and we always take a few bottles of our favorite wines with us. A bottle of the Sparkling Wine always makes the cut!

Where are you from? I’m currently from Madera. I married a life-long Maderan and MHS Coyote (class of OMG that was a long time ago) about 5 years ago after moving to the Central Valley from Hawaii. And before anyone asks, no, they don’t make wines this good in Hawaii! I do miss the weather, however. Gets a bit colder here than I’m comfortable with.

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