Twin Pomegranates Wine Fan of the Month!

About Shelly :)

Why are you a fan of Twin Pomegranates Wine?

I am a huge fan of the wines because I have always LOVED pomegranates!  Pomegranates have been a FAVE fruit of mine! As a child I called them treasure box fruit. Also because the wines are fun and unique, which is how most people describe me! :)

Where do you enjoy drinking your Twin Pomegranates Wine?
Since I’m a single mom of  three kids and a fulltime student I usually drink it at home, but  I love to take  it with me as a hostess gift or to potlucks when I go. I have even mailed a bottle to my brother in Japan.

Which Wine is your favorite?
My FAVE is Pomegranate Sparkling wine because it’s very fun to add to lemonade, cranberry juice, jello shots…

Favorite Place to bring our wine?

Twin Pomegranates is my new hostess gift. Its quickly becoming obvious I may be getting invites so they get the great wine

Where are you from?
I am deeply rooted in Tulare, in fact have moved away a few times and returned home!

What is your favorite moment with Twin Pomegranates Wine?

My most memorable moment with Twin Pomegranates is when I was working on my truck with a glass of pomegranate sparkling wine in my toolbox…..sometimes I just  can’t  hide my girly side…my neighbors  still laugh about it.

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