Adopting a Pet at Paws and Pomegranates?

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Look at me, I am so cute. Adopt me!

With the 3rd Annual Paws and Pomegranates Event just two days away, why not add in some pet friendly tips for soon-to-be owners that will take home a furry friend on Saturday, October 6th? Here are some random but important tips for owning a cat or dog:

Is your dog teething? Instead of letting him chew on all your nice furniture, get a few washcloths, douse them in water, and put them in the fridge until they are frozen. Give the frozen washcloth to the dog to chew, and have the next one ready. Cold temperature helps numb the dog’s upset gums!

Or, if you have a teething puppy, mix some broth with water, pour it into ice trays, freeze it and ta-da! You have a tasty treat that will help your teething puppy.

While many people believe cats should be outdoors, cats should also be indoors at times due to safety issues and times of overly hot and cold weather. To make your house a more cat friendly environment, you can: get a cat tree (cats feel more comfortable when they can watch people from higher above), buy toys, catnip, and a litter box (make sure to train them)!

Also, make sure your cat or dog has a personal identification such as tag or microchip, just in case it gets lost while venturing outside.

But above all, care, attention and love are the most important for your pet, so make sure you show it!

Ever wondered of adopting a pet? Valley Animal Center has a simple, low-cost adoption process. Check it out here:


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