DIY: Chalkboard paint wine bottles!

Chalkboard Paint Wine Bottles, Wine, Pomegranates, Decorations

Chalkboard Paint Wine Bottles, Pomegranates, Wine, Decorations

Hey folks! Looking for some do-it-yourself centerpiece ideas for these upcoming holidays? Want to spruce up your decorations with something unique? Here is a great idea that you can use year-round or to decorate according to each holiday: chalkboard paint wine bottles!

For our 3rd annual Paws and Pomegranates event several weeks ago, our great employee Megan Letson made these wonderful chalkboard paint wine bottle centerpieces. Here’s how to make them!

1. Gather empty wine bottles (you can use our pomegranate wine bottles!).

2. Take off all of the labels.

  • Soaking the bottles for several days makes it easier and faster to peel off the labels. Soak the bottles in a small tub/bin with one part bleach and three parts water.

3. Buy chalkboard paint at your local hardware or arts and crafts store, such as Home Depot or Michaels Stores. You can purchase various colors for your bottles from black to silver or green.

4. Paint the bottles with one layer of paint and let dry overnight.

5. Paint a second layer.

6. Once the second layer is dry, be ready to draw whatever you’d like with chalk!

To wash off and restart, use a wet washcloth to remove the chalk from the bottles.

Use this cool idea for Halloween decorations like labeling it a “potions” or “vampire blood” bottle! Covering the bottles in holiday-colored wreaths will also look chic for Christmas time!

This cool idea is so fun and easy, even kids can do it (over course, under supervision)! And it’s recyclable friendly idea and reusable! So, why not? Try it!

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