All Fools Day

April 1st has been a day to play jokes on people for quite some time. No one really knows why or how it started. It is thought to be a form of celebration of the change of the seasons. Other’s believe it was the change from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. With the Julian calendar, the new year was celebrated around the spring equinox. When Pope Gregory changed the new year to January 1st, a lot of people refused to accept the new date, or didn’t know about it.

Either way it is a fun day to get into a little mischief. With Twitter announcing fans can only post tweets using consonants (wht??) and Richard Branson announcing a glass bottom plane (not for the faint of heart) April Fools is a day is great for a few laughs.

But, if you went a little too far with your prank, a bottle of pomegranate wine is a great way to apologize.


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