Happy Valentine’s Day!

While I know everyone is into this Holiday.. some of us at Twin Pomegranates Wine are huge fans…(well only me-Tori)..the guys are not super into this Holiday.. but I just LOVE love so why not love this Holiday?!? 

We wanted to share with you our Valentine’s Day commercial that has been airing on ABC30.. Tell us what you think! TWIN POMEGRANATES COMMERCIAL! 

Also if you are planning on cooking a delicious meal for your valentine, or if you skipping this holiday an are cooking for yourself…we have a tasty recipe made with our 100% Pomegranate Sparkling Wine..I recommend trying tonight… 

Pomegranate Stockholm Royal:
  • Mix the following in a shaker tin:
  • * 1 oz Citrus Vodka
  • * ¼ oz Triple Sec
  • * Splash of Sweet & Sour
  • Strain into sugar rimmed martini glass, then top off with:
  • * 1 ½ oz Twin Pomegranates™ Sparkling Wine
  • * ½ oz of Chambord
This is a very tasty and polished drink for any occasion. Enjoy! 
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