Be ready to spend more money on your favorite European wines

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Oh, great. Just what wine-lovers needed: higher and more expensive prices to purchase their favorite bottles after those long days or for fun and fancy nights.

Apparently, this year’s grape harvest throughout Europe was hit so hard by the weather that it is the worst and weakest crop in half a century, said expert from European Union famers’ union Thierry Coste.

A combination of drought, frost and hail were the main factors to the meager and damaged grape crop this year.

According to the Associated Press article by Raf Casert, the grape harvest in Europe reports a 62 percent in worldwide wine-making.

The top two wine-making countries saw a decent decline in their grape harvest. France saw a 20 percent decrease in their crops, while Italy saw a 7 percent fall.

Of course, we all know that Europe is the number one wine maker, so you do the math. Looks like we will be emptying more of our pockets and wallets!

Then again, good thing we make pomegranate wine!



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